Tips for the support of your business.

1) If you need other products in addition to products that are posted on this site, we can supply whatever. Only, and it should not be legally violated in both countries, but also not to be in violation of international trade rules. Therefore, it is recommended that all may be possible after consultation other first. Then give us the products you need, quantity, purpose, etc., we can proceed to a quick consultation.
2) In addition, the prices listed on this site are the average consumer price. Therefore, it is announced that it can readjusted to factory shipment price according to the quantity.
* All questions related to the above can be e-mail
(kortop@nate.com / forcure@hotmail.com) or Fax: +82 303 0563 7000, +82 504 244 1771
* How to use Kakaotalk convenuently.
1) First, download and install the Kakaotalk app from the Google Store on your cellphone.
2) Run Kakaotalk and click "Find friends" to register
a new friend (ID: kortop77 or +82 10 3627 1771).
3) After registering, fill in the required information in the message filling box and click Send. A message will be sent.
4) We will reply within 24 hours or as soon as possible after receiving the message.

Thus, if you send a Kakaotalk or text message via your cellphone for quick response, we can check 24 hours a day and respond quickly.
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