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All products are handled by our company "product liability insurance" up to or "Korea Ministry of Finance by notice in the consumer damage compensation, exchange, refund or compensation" the product may only be dealing. Thus, to protect the interests of consumers are exerting our utmost efforts.

So we're allowed to use company Internet site within the same product more than any other company (Product, Packaging, manufacturer, manufacturing date, and the same origin if applicable), please consult this price for the right clothes to check the mail if possible, than that reported more covered and, gifts, or we will give you more (however, than the price of the product factory covered and to impede the work of other companies, except when a prank).

All products sold on our site are all genuine guys, and that the problem of illegal goods, including fake products do not then no deal on the internet, as well as fair trade is strictly comply with the rules. Please keep in mind the benefits we appreciate your interest in the product.

for the support of your business.

If you need other products in addition to products that are posted on this site, we can supply whatever. Only, and it should not be legally violated in both countries, but also not to be in violation of international trade rules. Therefore, it is recommended that all it may be possible after consultation decide whether to consult each other first. Then give us the products you need, quantity, purpose, etc., we can proceed to a quick consultation. First, please consult by e-mail or facsimile.

* The products on display here boasts the best quality, we strictly adhere to
international trade rules.

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When sending a message to us via mobile text message or KakaoTalk, it is easy
for us to respond only if you send the correct country and region name in which
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