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Cow Multifunction Calibration Device




   Cow Multifunction Calibration Device

                          Cow Brush

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Item: Cow Multifunction Calibration Device
1) Purpose and effect of product development
This product is essential for animal husbandry farmers "is a device that automatically scratches the back of the cow".
According to the literature of the Livestock Research Institute, "The skin of
a cow is capable of controlling body temperature by releasing carbon dioxide and sweat, sebum(dirt) while protecting the body from outside temperature, sunlight, wind, When it does not work well, the thermal insulation of the fur falls, itching, anxiety and unpleasantness, and the resistance to diseases such as respiratory diseases is much lowered, "they warn. If the cow is stressed, the milk's DNA and other ingredients will vary. So you have to make good environmental conditions to keep the cows from getting stressed. Maintaining the cleanliness of the cow is
basic. However, due to the life characteristics of the cow, the dung remains in the kennel, and dirt like this dung is attached to the cow's body. This causes the skin disease of the cow, but the cows are uncomfortable due to the inconvenience It's possible. Because of this, all cows have a habit of scratching their backs, and it is common sense for people to scratch their skin with a brush or a comb. However, there is a limit to the increased labor cost and time investment and effectiveness, and it is a fact that we are missing necessary management guidelines. By using this product, it is possible to reduce the labor cost and time investment, and the cow itself can create a pleasant environment such as skin scratching, foreign matter removal, and exercise effect by its own custom, so as to relieve the stress of anxiety discomfort, Blood circulation is smooth, the health condition is promoted, and the effect
of the pure character is obtained.
2) Features
- Significantly reduced purchasing and management costs.
- 100% localized technology reduces innovation costs by about 50% of the best quality and supply price, and 5 times the replacement cycle of brushes (consumables), reducing management cost.
- There is almost no burden of electricity or labor costs.
- Normally, when the machine is stopped, if the cow touches it, it rotates automatically by the sensor. If there is no response, it will be stopped about 1 minute later.
- Easy to install and manage.
- Easy installation method that does not need a separate installation place and it is fixed to the column inside the breeding ground.
- Maintenance cost is minimized.
- The brush structure adopts the screw type and the double band method and realizes the patent for the new design to show the outstanding function of abrasion and foreign matter removal, thereby greatly increasing the life span and minimizing the replacement cost.
- Brush (replacement period about 7 years) except semi-permanent use is possible.
- No replacement or maintenance of parts other than brushes (consumables).
3) Expected effect on cow
- Strengthen the insulation and stress relieving the itching, anxiety, and unpleasantness milk volume, milk quality is improved.
- Resistance to diseases such as respiratory diseases is strengthened.
- Blood circulation is smooth, and it is effective to prevent skin disease.
- By using this product like a playground, the health condition and estrous ability of the cow are improved with proper exercise effect.
It is effective to use the playground widely if it is installed in a place where the cow does not move.
- The character of the cow becomes gentle and the environment of the cleaned kennel is created.

1) Cow Multifunction Calibration Device:
* Note: * Note: There are two models, one for measuring weight and the other for non-measuring, but the balance is an optional item..
Size: 2100(W), 1900(H), 810(L)
Weight: 300kg
Uses : It is a frame to calibrate the toenails so that they do not get stuck (move).

Both doors can be opened and closed at the top and bottom for use in ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment, castration, horn removal, artificial insemination and weighing
: 1 set
Price: US$8,200.00
2) Cow Brush
(Includes batch parts to install)
① Size
(Model / IE508): W(70cm), H(46cm), L(21cm), Brush(Diameter(53cm),Weight(40kg).

(Model / IE606): W(113cm), H(63cm), L(24cm), Brush(Diameter(60cm),Weight(40kg).
* Note: IE 508 products mainly use back, neck, head, buttocks, etc. IE 606 can rotate 360 degrees and scrape to the side.
How to install: First, fix the body to the column using U-bolts and connect the brush to the body. The connection between the brush and the body is made by connecting it to the groove, and when it is installed on the pillar, it is fixed to the column by U bolts. The installation height of the brush should be 150cm from the ground to the end of the brush (based on the milking place).
: 1 set (Include parts in batch)
Price: US$1,600.00
* Price can be adjusted according to quantity
Sells to
: worldwide
Supplied by : IEI Co.
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