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Bathroom Heaters




                     Bathroom Heaters

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Item: Bathroom Heaters
NC-R2 (2
bulbs) / ceiling / wall mounted
NC-L3 (3 bulbs) / wall mounted
Heating in Bathrooms.
See more details related books.
Packing: 1 set (2 bulbs/USD95.00)
               1 set (3 bulbs/USD118.00)
Size: 370 x 192 x 168mm(NC-R2/2bulbs)
         559 x 232 x 168mm(NC-L3/3bulbs)

Bulb circle height: 40mm
Weight: 2.7kg(NC-R2/2bulbs)
Rated voltage: AC220V / 60Hz
Power consumption:
250W x 2 (= 500W)/
250W x 3 (= 750W)/
* Items that can be purchased separately: Gold light bulb (USD9.50), Red light bulb (USD15.00)
Manufactured by : Nano Electronics.
                              (made in korea)
Sells to : worldwide
* Product Features
1) Fast work: The product does not require pre-heating because the heat generated in a short time in operation.
2) Seasonal use: Inhibits the growth of mold and bacteria caused by moisture in summer, winter toilet frost protection effect.
3) Long-term use: 5000 hours long life to minimize maintenance costs due to lamp replacement.
4) Reduction of heating costs: in a pleasant environment without a separate heater to help maintain a constant temperature.
5) Safe product: the product obtained electrical safety certification can be used to make believe.
6) General lighting is unnecessary: The role of natural lighting when installing the product.
7) Easy to install: All the ceiling or wall due
to the application can be installed easily and conveniently.
According to the relevant laws need to provide product information and other additional details.
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