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Dr.egg soap plus




                   Dr.egg Soap Plus

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Item: Dr.egg Soap plus(Beauty Soap)
Ingredients: Soap base(coconut oil), Egg protein, Wild ginseng, Lotus, Vegetable glycerin, Vitis vinifera(grape) seed, Persea gratossima(avocado), Apricot kernel, Ricinus communis (castor) seed, Schisandra chinensis fruit, Ampelopsis japonica root, Acorus gramineus root/stem, Prunus armeniaca(apricot) kernel, Artemisia vulgaris, Sophora angustifolia root, Silkworm, Ginkgo biloba leaf, Mentha arvensis leaf, Phaseolus radiatus seed, Cnidium officinale root.
: Facial cleansing, Body cleansing.
How to use:
1) Take a bubble will enrich both hands.
2) Massage 10-15 seconds on the area and is about 15 times the number as appropriate.
Packing: 100g(including moisture).
Price: USD11.00
: Hanil Co.
Technical support: TJ V
Country of Origin: Republic of Korea
Product Features
- Environmentally friendly with a natural protein that is characterized.
- Extracts of 20 kinds were added to ensure the highest quality.
- Has added more than 20 kinds of natural herbal extracts to maximize the skin.
- This high-end products are air passenger cabin, palaces, hotels, etc. can be used in high-end consumers.

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