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Air Doctor II Series




            Skin anti-bedsore mattresses

 * Mattress Specification
    Size: 86(W) x 200(L) x 11(H) cm
    Weight: 5.5kg
    Material: PVC
 * Pump Specificatipn
   Rated voltage: AC220V,60Hz
    Power consumption:
    Air volume: 3-10ℓ
    Cycle time: 5 minutes
    Size: 8.6(W) x 23(L) x 7(H) cm
    Weight: 1.5kg
    Material: ABS
 * Here are the following sister model.
 ☞ Mattress (AD-1200 Tube(PVC)
     <Price: USD350.00>

 ☞ Mattress (AD-1400 (chairman)
     <Price: USD1,450.00>

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Item : Mattresses for preventing bedsores skin (Model No: AD1300Tube)
Usage benefits : Mattresses for prevention of skin sores, and can be used as a mattress for a comfortable sleep.
<How to use>
1) Expand the mattress, connect the air hose to the air inlet of the mattress.
2) Turn the power switch and then plug the power cord into the outlet of the pump.
3) Verify that the pump is running and up to a maximum of the air conditioner.
4) Check that the air is discharged from the pump.
5) Plug the air hose to the air pump after confirming that the exhaust air outlet.
6) put blowing air into the mattress, it takes a time of about 20-25 minutes.
7) Use air controller after adjusting the air-filled mattress is 3-4.
8) When the air is lower than the set level, will light the lamp in the display for the unit to malfunction.
Package : 1 set
Price : US$550.00
Supplied by : Youngwon Medical
                      <made in Korea>
Sells to : worldwide
* Product Features
- Air conditioning, interchangeable tube in the form of a cell, with light for indicating the status of the device.
- Cloth coated mattress and air jet function, waterproof cover, CPR function.
- Maintenance as a product that complements the mattress part is easy.
Therefore, the effect of preventing skin sores is an excellent product that proves receive from consumer preferences.
- Do not use sharp objects on the mattress.
- Do not use a heating pad or electric blanket.
- Do not use in locations where water or moisture
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