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Ultrasonic cleaner




                    Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Item : Ultrasonic cleaner
<Key specs>:
- Ultrasonic frequency: 28KHZ
- Vibration element: Ultra B.LT type
- Function: Temperature control (0-90   degrees) / Timer: 0-30min)
- Ultrasonic Power: 10W
- Rated voltage and power consumption:   220V/60Hz/280W
- Inner Diameter (WxLxH): 240X138x100
- Outer diameter (W x D x H): 270x165x240)
- Contents: 3 liters
- Weight: 4.9 kg
- Country of origin and certification    information: Korea/ZD07008-11002C
- Sheath
Material: Stainless
*Note when ordering: Voltage(100V or 220V and frequency (50 Hz or 60Hz) are different for each country. When ordering, be sure to indicate the voltage and frequency used in your country before placing an order.
*Specifications, dimensions and design of this product may be changed without prior notice to improve performance

Usage benefits :
Cleaning of various precision machine parts.
How to use : Put water or cleaning solution into the tray of the ultrasonic cleaner and shake the object to be cleaned.
*Notice: For more details, please refer to the attached manual.
- Ultrasonic cleaning prohibited items: contact lenses, waterproof watches, soft jewelry such as pearls.
- Precautions: Do not put hot water (reduction of the life of the vibrator, failure of the device, malfunction, etc.) and inflammable substances

Package : Depending on the quantity you want. All of the boxes are sold in unassembled form.
Price : USD300.00
*Prices vary according to order quantity.
Sells to : worldwide
Supplied by
: Sinhan Sonic Co.
<made in Korea>
*Note: Rotary magnetic polishing machine, high pressure washing machine, Hexagon polishing polisher products are available,
so if you inquire about soft materials, we will explain in detail.

*Principle of ultrasonic cleaner:  When ultrasonic waves are fired into the cleaning solution, about 1000 atmospheric pressure is generated while cavitation is repeated. By generating high pressure, it not only separates foreign substances from the washing water, but also promotes the washing effect by disturbing the washing liquid and degreasing and emulsifying it. Since the washing water is clean without any flaws, it is used for products that require precise cleaning or for places that are out of reach of people.
* Product Features
- As a high power ultrasonic cleaner, cleaning is possible in a short time.
- Perfect stainless interior and exterior, no corrosion at all.
- B.L.T vibrator with strong washing power and durability is used for a long lifespan.
- Realization of low noise - It starts at 40KHZ and has less ripple at 60KHZ, so the noise is only about 1/3 compared to the same class washer.
- The timer is exposed to the outside, so operation is simple, and when the liquid becomes dirty, it is easy to drain because there is a drainage device.
- As shown in the figure, the CS- Series is characterized by being composed of a sandwich type to ensure efficiency and constant emission of ultrasonic waves.
According to the relevant laws need to provide product information and other additional details.
<Notification of Fair Trade Commission>
1) Return conditions: can be returned within seven(7) days from the date of receipt of the goods, and the buyer pays shipping cost, in case due to change of mind of the buyer. If the product is defective, the seller pays.(Notice:Opening and if damage to the product, can not be returned).
2) Quality Assurance Standard: If the product is defective, it can be exchanged or refunded through the place of purchase, but it can be done after consultation.
3) The person responsible for A/S and telephone number: +82 10 3627 1771/Hoon Jung (available 24 hours a day, weekday, night, no holiday).
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