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Kanghwa Medicinal Artemisia Pill

Uses: supplements of artemisia,etc.
Price: US$30.00


Fermented Dandelion Thistle Pill

Uses: supplements of dandelion,etc.
Price: US$37.00


Calcium Max

Uses: Calcium supplements for health promotion
Price: US$45.00


Native Rhus Pill

Uses: supplements of rhus,dandelion,
Price: US$41.00


 Summit Dietary Fiber +1

Uses: click here
Price: US$34.00



Uses: supplements of Cervus,etc.
Price: click here


Maca Pill

Uses: supplements of Maca,etc.
Price: click here


Gastrodia Pill

supplements of Gastrodia,etc.
Price: US$25.00


Red Ginseng

supplements of Red Ginseng,etc.
Price: US$25.00


Bombyx Morus

supplements of Bombyx,etc.
Price: US$18.00


Balloonflower Pill

Uses: supplements of Balloonflower,

Price: US$18.00


Roasted Garlic Pill

Uses: supplements of roasted Garlic,

Price: US$18.00



Hovenia, Laminaria Pill

Uses: supplements of Hovenia,etc.
Price: US$18.00


Cynanchum Pill

Uses: supplements of cynanchum wilfordii,etc.
Price: US$38.00


Artemisia Annua Pill

Uses: supplements of artemisia annua Linne,etc.
Price: US$29.00


Aqua mi-in

Uses: click here
Price: US$43.00


charantia Pill

Uses: click here
Price: US$28.00


Barley Biscuit

Uses: for snack
Price: US$13.00



Myeongpum Gongbondan Pill

Uses: for health promotioon
Price: US$250.00


























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