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Uses: female genital hygiene management
Price: US$30.00


Bamboo cleansing Foam

Uses: facial wash

Price: US$26.00


Greentea Pack

Uses: click here
Price: US$50.00



Uses: cleansing, massage,hair shampoo,bath salts,etc.
Price: US$34.00


Magic Line

Uses: solution for the creation of double eyelid.
Price: US$15.00


Red Ginseng Essence Mask

Uses: used to pack for facial skin care
Price: US$50.00


Red Ginseng
Foam cleansing

Uses: Cleansing of the facial skin.
Price: US$10.00


Thermal Natural Bath Salts

Uses: click here
Price: click here


Veritana Gel

Uses: Mainly, applies to sunburn and moisture.
Price: US$10.0


Kelocote Topical Gel

Uses: is used for abnormal hypertrophy and keloid scars caused by general surgery, wounds, scars, burns.
Price: US$45.0


Dr.egg Toothpaste

Uses: High-end toothpaste.
Price: US$12.0


Miramin Sleeping Pack

Uses: Double functional cosmetics such as whitening and wrinkle improvement.
Price: US$25.0


T-blet Toothpaste

Uses: New concept toothpaste for Gargle & Brush
Price: US$5.0


Black Head Remover
(Sebum Remover)

Uses: Removes sebum from pores in face area.
Price: US$29.0


Glucosamine Cream

Uses: It is a body massage cream applied to tired muscles.
Price: US$10.0

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