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Body Fat Scale

Uses: measurement of weight & body fat
Price: US$65.00


Stainless Steel Blood Lancet Pen

Uses: click here
Price: US$9.00


Babyam 5000

Uses: automatic feeding device
Price: US$375.00


(for home)

Uses: oxygen generator for home
Price: US$1550.00


Husla Chair

Uses: Pelvis, lower back exercises
Price: US$495.00


Magnetic Hexagonal Water Purifier

Uses: click here
Price: US$121.00


 Magnetic Hexagonal


Uses: click here
Price: US$159.00


Kichen Water Purifier

Uses: Purification of drinking water for health.
Price: US$25.00


Hot Water
Boiler Mat

Uses: click here
Price: US$207.00


Kegel E+

Uses: sphincter exercise aids
Price: US$142.00


Pure Light XD
UV Sterilizer)

Uses: Used to sterilize germs
Price: US$136.00



Uses: click here
Price: US$285.00



Uses: Penile artery Chargers.
Price: US$850.00




Price: US$46.00


Loess Cold-Warm Heating Pad

Uses: cold-warm poultice
Price: US$10.00


Charcol Hot Pack

Uses: for hot fomentation
Price: US$41.00


Underground Waterway Wave Zero

Uses: underground waterway wave interceptions.
Price: US$153.00


Microhole Glasses

Uses: exercising the eye aperture
Price: US$28.00


Ear Cleaner

Uses: Ear cleaning by vacuum suction.
Price: US$25.00


Super Groin

Uses: lower body exercise
Price: US$110.00


anti-bedsore  Mattresses

Uses: for skin sores prevention
Price: US$550.00


Wheelchair Cushions

Uses: for an outing with wheelchair.
Price: US$320.00


Bathroom Heaters

Uses: Heating in Bathrooms.
Price: click here


Air Curtain

Uses: click here.
Price: click here


Insecticidal Lamp

Uses: click here.
Price: click here


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